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The Curious: Luciana Rosa

I created this blog because although I have plenty of opportunities to discuss books - I participate in 2 bookclubs IRL, one online and I follow a lot of book talks on Instagram - I still had the sense that I am letting something out of these discussions. I often came across a word or reference in a book and let it pass, without further exploring it. So I decided to bookmark those curiosities and explore them further, posting about it here in this space.

I used to love reading when I was a kid in Brazil. My mom used to by me entire collections as the "Yellow Woodpecker Farm" and "To learn how to love reading" (freely translated from Portuguese), and I used to spend a lot of time in my school's library.

I remember reading Hermann Hesse non-stop when I was a teenager, rushing home to "go" to The Magic Theatre in the book. It was such a good sensation to be fully immersed in a story, which happend a few times as with the old Egypt streets in the series Ramses, and at Hogwarts in Harry Potter. But on my 20s I lost interest for books. I was more invested in traveling - I lived in USA and in China - and in building my career as an event producer, what kept me pretty busy.

Only in my mid-30s I started to read again. I had just finished my MBA course in Shanghai and I was moving to Belgium. I went for long walks while I was still looking for a job and had a lot of time and I started to listen to audiobooks. I found a lovely second hand bookstore in my city with plenty of books in English (it would be years until I was able to read in Dutch) and I started to build my library from scratch.

Then a couple of friends invited me to their online bookclub. Well, we call it a bookclub but it is only a place to talk about what we were reading and to challenge ourselves to read more. I went from reading 3 books a year to more than 30, and I believe in 2020 I will end up reading more than 40 (thanks to the Covid crisis).

Although my favorite genres are dystopian and sci-fi novels, I always try challenge myself in my reading life. This year I read more out of my comfort zone, including thick tomes and long audiobooks, fantasy, literary fiction, thrillers, feminist books, non-fiction, short stories, etc. And I am currently reading in 4 languages: Portuguese, English, Dutch and Spanish.

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